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Sonia Lee Turcotte Age, Height, Photos, Instagram, Biography & More

Sonia Lee Turcotte: Quick Info and Facts

Nick NameSonia
Professional NameSonia Lee Turcotte
Real NameSonia Roberts Lee Turcotte
ProfessionActress (Acting) , Photographer
Birthday / Age 1989, 30 Years As of 2019
Sonia Lee Turcotte Age
Height 1.75m (5 foot 9 inches)
Weight 58Kg (127 Pounds)
Figure and Body Measurements34-26-34 Inches
ParentsMohammad Kaif (Father),
Suzanne Turcotte (Mother)
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters)Michael Duran Kaif (Brother)
Stephanie Turcotte,
Christine Raphael Duran Spencer,
Natasha Turcotte and

Katrina Turcotte (Katrina Kaif)
(Elder Sisters), 

Melissa Turcotte Roberts, and
Isabel Kaif 
(Younger Sisters)
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Sonia Lee Turcotte Age, Height, Photos, Instagram, Biography & More
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Sonia Lee Turcotte is the sister of famous Bollywood actress and supermodel Katrina Kaif, has 7 siblings; 6 sisters and 1 Brother.

Her Brother Michael Kaif and is currently 41 years old and he is also known as Michael Duran. Here are the ages of Sonia Lee Turcotte’s sisters and brother in the order of oldest to youngest :

Stephanie Kaif (Stephanie Turcotte)-41 years old and born in 1977.

Michael Duran Kaif (Brother) – 40 Years old and Born in 1978.

Christine Kaif ( Christine Raphael Duran Spencer ) – She is 38 years old and born in 1981.

Natasha Kaif (Natasha Turcotte)-37 years old and born in 1982.

Melissa Kaif (Melissa Turcotte Roberts)-34 years old and born in 1985.

Sonia Kaif (Sonia Lee Turcotte)-30 years old and born in 1989.

Isabelle Kaif (Isabel Turcotte) -28 years old and born in 1991.

Michael is currently 40 years old, born in 1978 and he is not the twin of Stephanie. Stephanie was born on the 30th of August and Isabelle was born on the 22nd of March, the rest of the siblings’ birthdays are not shown.

Isabelle Kaif and Katrina Kaif Turcotte are both actresses. The surname Kaif is from the Father’s side of the family and the surname Turcotte is from the Mother’s side of the family.

It is not specified that where the names ‘Raphael’, ‘Duran’, ‘Spencer’, ‘Lee’ and ‘Roberts’ came, but it is believed that the middle names or other/extended names from the Mom’s side of the family.

Unknown Facts about Sonia Lee Turcotte

Everyone knows, Katrina Kaif has a large family and she is quite close to her siblings. One of her sisters, Isabelle Kaif, made her debut in a movie with Dr. Cabbie, an Indo-Canadian venture.

After that, There were rumors that Katrina was going to launch her in Bollywood as well but nothing much was heard of it ever since.

Sonia Turcotte is equally talented as her elder sister Katrina Kaif, has chosen not to be an actress.

Sonia Roberts Turcotte (Sonia Lee Turcotte)is an amazing photographer and the youngest of the Turcotte sisters (yes, Katrina’s real name is Katrina Turcotte). She studied Graphic Designing at the University for Creative Arts at Surrey, UK. 

Apart from being a photographer, Sonia seems to be quite adept with magazine layout, creative bookbinding, and web page layouts and blogs. 

She, also launched her own website, where she is publishing some of her works.

She is also an avid blogger on Tumbler and blogs about her creative pursuits.

That was not enough, Sonia Lee Turcotte seems to have taken in part in the London Marathon too where she ran for charity. 

Talents of Sonia and her Siblings

Hardly peoples know that all of Sonia Kaif’s (Sonia Lee Turcotte) siblings are extremely talented in various field. Did you know? that one of her sisters is the highly regarded mathematicians in the United Kingdom?

Yes, Peoples didn’t know, right?

Sonia Lee Turcotte (Sonia Roberts); she is a photographer and also running a blog on

Isabelle Kaif

In 2014, the media was started buzzing with the international launch of Isabelle Kaif, Sonia Kaif’s sister.

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This international film called Dr. Cabbie garnered attention because one of the producers of the film is Salman Khan.

Isabelle is now stated preparing to be launched in Bollywood, she is also quite talented as Katrina Kaif.

Once, she was in news and got viral due to the appearance of a similar look with a pornstar, that time MMS went viral all over the internet.

Sonia Roberts

Her other sister, Sonia Roberts, who is equally talented as her elder sister but people in India might never celebrate her because she has chosen not to be an actress.

Sonia Roberts (Turcotte) is an amazing and very good photographer, and she is the youngest talent of the Turcotte sisters.

She is an amazing photographer and studied Graphic Designing at the University For Creative Arts at Surrey, UK. Here’s her photoblog, check it out:

Apart from being a photographer, she seems to be quite adept with magazine layout, creative bookbinding, and webpage layouts.

Sebastian Turcotte

Her brother Sebastian also engaged in creative pursuits of designer furniture.

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In an interview, Katrina stated that her brother was studying Furniture Design and Craftsmanship at the Buckingham shire New University.

Sebastian also has a blog, where he writes about creating designer cabinets.

Check out his blog here:

Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts, She is perhaps the only one in the Sonia Lee Turcotte family who is a mathematician and has won one of the most prestigious awards in Mathematics (in the UK) for her extreme intelligence.

Believe it or not, Melissa was awarded the famous Laing O’Rourke award for the Best Mathematics Student in 2009 at a glittering ceremony at London’s Intercontinental Hotel on 25 September 2009.

The Laing O’Rourke award is popularly known as the Oscars of Mathematics. She was a student of the prestigious Imperial College which had put up this picture on their site.

Melissa graduated from Imperial College on 21 October 2009 and the ceremony was held at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. She completed a four-year Master of Science graduate degree from the college.

Natacha Turcotte

Another talent in her sister is Natacha Turcotte, She is a talented jeweler and designing the pieces of jewelry.

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She is quite good at designing gold accessories that are encrusted with semi-precious stones like Rubies and Emeralds, Natacha Turcotte also designs junk jewelry.

The rest of the Turcotte family (Excluding the Katrina and Isabelle ), other siblings are happily settled into their life outside the film industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); Sonia Lee Turcotte

What is the age of Sonia lee Turcotte?

Sonia Lee Turcotte age is 30 Years old As on 2019 and she was born in 1989.

Who are the Sonia Lee Turcotte Siblings?

Sonia Lee Turcotte has 7 siblings; 6 sisters and 1 Brother.

  • Stephanie Kaif a.k.a. Stephanie Turcotte
  • Michael Duran Kaif (Brother)
  • Christine Kaif a.k.a. Christine Raphael Duran Spencer
  • Natasha Kaif a.k.a. Natasha Turcotte
  • Melissa Kaif a.k.a. Melissa Turcotte Roberts
  • Sonia Kaif a.k.a. Sonia Lee Turcotte
  • Isabelle Kaif a.k.a. Isabel Kaif
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